​New & Upcoming Releases 

OUT NOW!! Released 18.09.2020


​Tropical Savanna Riddim

​                   TBA 

​Mix CD's

Mix by Den-Den (Black Star Sound) including all 20 versions!

"try we a Try"Cjjoe in the mix!

Babylon Burning Riddim (Official Mix (Fulll)by DJ Lass Angel Vibes

"Jah Soul" CJ Joe feat. Izaba in the mix by                        DJ Lass Angels Vibes

​Japanese Reggae⛩

​CJ Joe's Signature Song to the World Representing the Fareast Japan in 2017


​Hit Song's during his Japanese Reggae Career
 Akiramenna/Nah Surrendah 2000 
勇気出せ/Courage 2012
やればできるさ/You Can Do It 2002
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